Chapter Five

The long night continues. Port Charles is slowly realizing that something is wrong, terribly wrong, but for Felicia, who is still swigging kiwi-lime juice, things are looking up. She's never felt safer, or more in control. Unfortunately, there is a knock at the door to break her pleasant reverie.

"Felicia? It's Bobbie."

Felicia opens the door, and allows her entry. "What's wrong, Bobbie?"

"Haven't you heard? There's been a murder, and....Kevin is missing."

"Really? I knew that Kevin was missing, you think that the police consider him a suspect?"

"You gotta wonder," Bobbie answers. "Amy told me that the victim was Gina-Stone's sister. She was stabbed to death, and what's peculiar is that she smelled of jasmine, or something."

"How odd," Felicia comments.

"I'll say," Bobbie injects. "To think that only yesterday, the case against Kevin was dismissed due to evidence contamination."

Felicia scowls and says, "Mac is going to have a lot of explaining to do." Hmmmmm

A cellular phone rings, and Stefan answers it, with a glance at Nik to assure himself that the young man is still sleeping soundly. Nik, apparently sleeping soundly, in spite of Laura's heartbreaking farewell, lies listening. "Yes," Stefan says with another brief glance at Nik. "Excellent.....I see.....Keep me informed." He closes the phone, and looks over at Nik. "Nikolas, my boy," he says with distinct look of sadness on his face. "The things we do for love.........."

Meanwhile, the news of Gina's death has reached Sonny Corinthos, who recalled the young woman and the few brief encounters they'd had. For a few seconds, the multiple tragedies of Lily and the baby, Stone, and now Gina crush his heart, but anger against this latest injustice stirred him to life. Lily's father had died, Stone's illness had been beyond him, but Gina's killer was fair game. Sonny picks up the phone. "There was a young woman killed over by GH a few minutes ago. Gina Williams. Rumor is that Kevin Collins did it. I don't care about rumor, but I want facts and I want whoever did this dead. Painfully and permanently. And, I want it done now!" Sonny sinks back into his chair, and we see years of pain reflected in his eyes, along with the thirst for revenge. Hmmmm

Even more pain is reflected in Lucy's eyes as she stands, tears streaming down her cheeks as Gina's body is carried into the hospital. "Nooooooooo," Lucy moans, as memories of Kevin's angry tirades echo through her head. Gina had worked for Kevin and had quit due to Kevin's anger. Now, Kevin was missing and Gina lay dead, stabbed. And the police were searching for Kevin, who was presumed armed and dangerous.

Her world whirling out of control, Lucy stumbles out of the hospital walking aimlessly, her heart broken. "He wouldn't hurt anybody," she sobs. "He couldn't! I know it." Sniffing, and wiping the tears away, she says, "Kevin didn't kill Gina. I know it! And, I'll prove it!" Hmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Bobbie guess Felicia's secret? Will Filly begin to wonder if Kevin might be innocent?? To whom was Stefan speaking, and what was the meaning behind the cryptic phrase.... "the things we do for love." Will Sonny's men find the killer? Will the PCPD find the killer? Will Lucy's psychic powers be up to the challenge? What is Felicia planning to do to Kevin, anyhow??? Hmmmmmm