Chapter Fifty

Lucy is in the Outback, chatting with Felicia who is tending bar. "I hear you gave Frisco the boot again."

Felicia grins. "Let's just say that he's welcome to visit the girls, but that's as far as it goes. He's like a toy that I've outgrown. I'll always remember playing with my dolls, but I don't need them anymore. I've got the real thing, and a real life. Frisco is sort of like that. He was fun, exciting, but whatever I felt towards him has changed."

"And Mac is the real thing?" Lucy wonders aloud. "Us psychics pick up on stuff like that."

Felicia nods. "Yeah, Lucy, he's the real thing as far as I'm concerned." She takes a look at the man just entering the Outback, and mutters, "Well, hello honey!"

A tall, dark-haired man pauses at the entrance of the establishment and takes a leisurely look around, his eyes coming to rest on Lucy Coe. With a predatory smile on his face, he stalks over to the bar and, in a French accent guaranteed to curl her toes, says, "'ello, Mademoiselle Coe. It is a long time since we have been together. Too long for me."

Lucy, recognizing Jean-Pierre and knowing her part, responds, "Not long enough for me. What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you, Cherie." He smiles. "And I have found you at last."

"Now that you've found me, get lost. Okay?"

"The only thing lost is my heart," he whispers huskily. "And it is in your care."

Lucy, apparently angered, tells him, "I don't want your heart or any other part of you. Now, pack it all up and head back to France."

The man smiles, and counters, "Only if I can take you back with me. Come along, Lucy. I have this little chateau in the south of France....."

"Go away," Lucy orders. "This is my country and we have laws about forcing your attentions on women here."

"And foolish laws that they are," he says. "How can a man capture the woman of his dreams if he's forbidden the chase?" Hmmmmmm

"So what makes you indispensable to us?" Faison asks Tracy as she joins them at the table.

Sitting comfortably in the high-backed leather chair, Tracy smiles as she lights a cigar and, taking a puff on it, says, "You need me. I know everybody who's anybody in Port Charles, and I know everything about them. I also have an intimate knowledge of ELQ and can deliver it to you, if you make it worth my while." She pauses for effect. "I know that you need a hospital, and a pharmaceutical company, and that you need them here. General Hospital and ELQ have long been affiliated-members of ELQ sit on the board of General Hospital, and ELQ has a pharmaceutical division. It also has access to a variety of other research facilities."

"You do your homework well," Faison responds, considering her words. "But are you aware that our methods are, shall we say, direct?"

Tracy laughs out loud. "Direct? That's an understatement! But, I understand that you take what you want and are careful to make certain that you don't get caught." She smiles and adds, "And you tend to remove obstacles to your path, regardless of whom they are." She notes his raised eyebrows. "Let's don't get coy. I'm not squeamish, and I plan to get what I want, one way or another. I understand exactly what motivates you. I love power and I want revenge." Her smile fades to a look of grim determination. "My family screwed me over, took what should have been my birthright. I'll get what is mine by right and make the others pay. Now, can we do business, gentlemen, or shall I find other partners?" Hmmmmmmmm

Mac Scorpio is speechless. Standing in the study in the Cassadine enclave on Spoon Island, he's staring at two individuals that he'd long since given up hope of ever seeing again. "Robert and Anna?" he whispers. "Is it really you?"

Robert, a strange expression on his face, says, "You seem to have the advantage. Have we met?" Hmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Will Jean-Pierre be believable in his pursuit of Lucy?? Will Felicia buy the act?? More importantly, will Faison and the Cassadine brothers buy Tracy's act? What happens if they don't? And, what happened to Robert and Anna? Are they back in body only? Hmmmmm