Chapter Fifty-One

"Robert and Anna?" Mac is shocked. With a cry of joy, he throws his arms around his brother, heedless of Robert's memory loss. Then, he embraces Anna. "It's so good to see you!! I knew you weren't dead!!"

Anna is a bit more direct. "Can you help us?"

At Mac's questioning glance, she continues. "We were told names-ours and a few others-and that we called Port Charles home."

"You do," Mac says. Turning to Robert, he says, "Do you remember each other?"

Robert and Anna are uneasy. "We have little flashes of memory," Anna says. "Like tiny, split-second scenes."

"Not enough," Robert says, "But you seem familiar, somehow."

"You're my brother and sister-in-law," Mac explains. He meets Robert's eyes head-on. "You've gotta remember," he says as their gazes lock. "It's important." Robert begins, his tone searching, as he looks for answers in his brother's eyes. "I had to find Anna.....I left you with....Robin. Robin......"

"Robin?" Anna begins, her eyes staring off into the past. "She was crying....she was older, somehow..... and crying." Anna wrinkles her forehead, searching her memory. "I remember a Christmas tree, and Robin was crying in Sean''s but not Sean's apartment. She was sad and alone and afraid to comfort her......such deep pain for one so young......She cried out a name------Stone?" Hmmmm

Audrey is in shock. This can't be happening. She's lost Steve and now Tom, and both under strange circumstances. Steve, husband, lover, friend she'd lost to a heart problem she hadn't even known about. And, she'd discovered his business practices were shaky at best. This after years and years of hospital management. And, Tom, suddenly running amuck after time spent in Africa, time from which he'd returned in emotional turmoil. What had changed her men?

And, now this-the locket Tony had given Carly, missing after her death, found in the pocket of the pants he'd been wearing the night he'd been with Kathryn Bell. Raising ravaged eyes to Garcia, Audrey whispers, "Tell me this isn't happening. Tom wouldn't have killed Carly."

Garcia, aware of the mind-altering drug Tom had given Felicia, pulls another item from the evidence box. "This bracelet was Tom's?"

"I think so," Audrey nods. "He had an African bracelet and a necklace."

"That's here, too."

"He was different-tortured-even more volatile than before," she says.

"Did he ever talk to you about his experiences?" Garcia asks gently.

"No, but he spoke with Kevin." Garcia nods. "And now, Kevin is missing. Makes sense. Okay, Mrs. Hardy. That'll be all for now." He motions to a young policeman to take her home, adding, "We're putting guards around your home."

"Thanks," she says, leaving.

Garcia sits back down, and picks up the bracelet. Studying the design, he began to think. There was something curious about the designs, something familiar, yet unfamiliar. It was almost like stylized writing, like more than a simple design."

Playing a hunch, Garcia has bracelet and necklace photographed from all angles, careful to capture all the symbols, and then, after doing a net search, locates the most likely candidates for his questions. Transferring the photos to a file, he sends them to several locations, museums and universities. Then, fingers steepled, he sits back to think and wait. Hmmmmmm

Tracy is sitting across from Faison, Mikkos and Tony again. "So, what will it be, gentlemen? Are you in, or out?"

"The question is," Faison asks,, "Are you in or out?"

"I beg your pardon?" Tracy asks, staring boldly at the man she knows to be a killer.

"We are willing to work with you, but you must prove yourself," Faison answers.

"You mean, jump through your hoops?"

"In a manner of speaking. Think of this as an initiation rite, something you must do to be accepted."

"And if I don't?" Faison smiles. "We know where your son is, as well as how to get to your mother and father."

"Go ahead," Tracy sneers. "My parents threw me out, and don't you think that I could have gotten my son back if I'd wanted him? He's become such a pain....You want them?? They're yours." Tracy meets Faison's eyes straight on, never flinching. "Try again."

Faison, admiring her daring and icy demeanor, says, "Very well, Tracy. Then we'll extract a favor from you."

"A favor?---Still a hoop, but what did you have in mind?"

"There is a woman in town-Lucy Coe. She is...."

"A complete pain in the ***," Tracy responds, a cool smile breaking her features.

"She needs to have a fatal accident," Faison tells her.

"My pleasure," Tracy responds. "Anything or anyone else?"

"No, but I'll need proof."

"Name it."

"Her body must be autopsied at General Hospital and you must bring me the results." Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Robert and Anna? Back?? Does it seem that Anna's memory seems vaguely related to a scene we saw with Robin about a year ago?? Is Garcia on to something about the beads?? And, is Lucy Coe in mortal danger? How can Tracy pull this one off??? Hmmmmmmm