Chapter Fifty-Three

Garcia is talking to Mac. "It appears that someone is trying to hang Carly Roberts's murder on Tom."

"No kidding," Mac says, still bemused by all he's learned. "Tom was every sort of a swine, but I don't think he did it."

"Neither do I," Garcia says, placing a few papers in front of Mac.

"What're these?" Mac asks.

"Blowups and documents regarding the beads Tom was wearing. I have a translation of the symbols." Garcia hands him the bracelet and the necklace from the evidence box. "Take a close look at these markings. According to what I've been able to learn, these translate out-and these translations may not be exact, but here goes. Revitalization. Revenge, and Restoration of the Realm."

Mac sits up a little straighter. "Is there more??"

Garcia nods, "Yes. This is kind of weird, and I'd like to get one of the beads analyzed-the substance and the coloring. I've got a hunch about it."

"Tell me," Mac says. "What does this color remind you of," Garcia says, pointing out the dark, red-brown shade in which the symbols were formed.

"Dried blood," Mac says, finally.

"Exactly," Garcia agrees. "And the symbols translate into something about a Blood Oath and a final death to one who breaks the oath. I don't know what the oath was, but they usually involve secrecy."

Mac considers his words carefully, and then says, "Alex, sit down. There are things I've just learned that you need to know." Hmmmmmmmm

"Okay, Lucy," Frisco says. "Great performance." They are alone under the city, down in the catacombs following a very publicly arranged accident. Now that you're dead, we have to keep you hidden away for a while."

"Yeah," Lucy says, wiping the artificial blood off her face. "This is nasty. I need a bath."

"You can take one when we get you to the safe house. We'll bring Kevin to join you as soon as possible."

"You did tell him about this, didn't you?" Their eyes meet.

"Uh....." Hmmmmm

"You can't come with me," Kevin says to Maverick who is wagging his tail expectantly. The little red dachshund sits up and begs, yipping impatiently. TC, the fat, black and white cat is winding himself around Kevin's legs. "You can't go either," Kevin tells him.


"No," Kevin responds, pulling on the ragged clothes he's found in an old trunk in the basement. "How can I go undercover with a fat cat and a red dachshund following me around?"


Rummaging around in Felicia's apartment, Kevin has found a disguise kit, complete with hair pieces. "Good thing she's a PI with a bent for theatrics," he comments, gluing a white mustache in place. With a white goatee and wig to match, Kevin looks in the mirror. "I look like an old...." He begins, when the phone rings. After a few rings, the messaging unit activates, and he hears a voice....

"Felicia? This is Ruby. Did you hear about Lucy Coe? Sorry to break the bad news so impersonally, but I thought you should know as you'd become friends with her. Oh, honey....there was a hit and run....she's.....dead. I'm really sorry, Felicia......"

Kevin's stands still, his expression frozen in shock. "Dead?" he whispers in horror. "My Lucy? My lovely, vibrant Lucy? NO!!!!!!!"

With a cry of rage, he kicks the door, and generally trashes the place. Breaking down, he sobs, "Lucy, my love, I'll find who did this!!!"

"Woof!!" Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!!! Revitalization, Revenge and Restoration of what realm?? A blood oath? Whose blood? What oath? YIKES!! Poor Kevin!!!! Will anybody get to him in time to keep him from losing it completely??? Hmmmmmmmmm