Chapter Fifty-Four

Sonny is at Luke's in mock salute to the passing of Lucy Coe, who is currently hiding out in a place soon to be revealed. "She was beautiful, sexy, and savvy," he says, lifting the glass to Luke.

Both men are surreptitiously watching Jax and Stefan who are conferring at a table not far away. "Better to keep an eye on your enemy," Sonny had explained as a reason for allowing Stefan in.

"Yeah," Luke agrees, hoisting a scotch in her memory, the bottle in his other hand. "Gorgeous, talented, up to anything-saved my hide down in Puerto Rico. I'm gonna miss that lady!" He swallows the drink, letting the fiery liquid burn down to his stomach. "And I'm gonna find out who did it," he vows aloud, for the benefit of anybody who might be spying. He swaggers over to the table where Stefan and Jax are talking. "Well, if it isn't the Golden Boy and Darth Vader. Or, is it Batman and Robbin'-that's R-o-b-b-I-n-'" he explains, his words deliberately slurred.

Sonny had told him that this wasn't the first meeting he'd witnessed between these two, and Luke was curious. "Or, maybe Two Guys From Down Under-one a little farther down under than the other, if you get my meaning..." He grins, and asks, "Forget your pitchfork tonight, Stefan?" Luke raises his glass and swallows more of the scotch. "At least you can join me in a toast to the lovely Ms. Lucy. May that very fine piece...of feminine pulchritude rest...."

Stefan looks at Luke and smiles, "Though I doubt that you would believe me capable of any feeling at all towards Ms. Coe, I do regret your loss. You have suffered so much of late."

Jax nods in agreement. "Luke, I worked with Lucy-she was quite a woman-turned Jax Cosmetics into an even more profitable venture. I really liked her-this has hit Brenda very hard."

Luke nods, "You know, Jax, ol' buddy, I took you for a smarter guy until tonight. But, seeing you hanging out with this Greek goon makes me doubt your intelligence." Luke leans closer and breathes out the fumes directly in their faces. "Cassadines are old hands at arranging accidents." He hiccups loudly. "Ask me about Lesley Webber one of these days."

Then, as though the drink has gotten to him, he sways and staggers back to Sonny who says, just loud enough for them to hear, "Getting drunk won't bring her back..."

"How can we be sure if we don't try?" Luke asks, taking another drink, this time directly from the bottle that he'd been carrying. Hmmmmmmm

"I think you're on to something," Luke tells Sonny when they go into the back room a few minutes later. "Golden Boy looked real guilty."

Sonny pauses, and says, "Though it doesn't really make sense, now that I think about it."

"Look, Sonny, I only had one scotch tonight. What's in this bottle is really tea, so don't tell me I don't know that there's something going on there."

"No, I think so, too, but why hang out for a private meeting in your club, of all places? Man, if I was going to be sneaky, I sure wouldn't do it in front of everybody."

"That's a Cassadine for you," Luke explains. "They're sneaky in front of God and everybody! In fact, they're so sneaky that they can't even do anything straight out. Hell, Sonny, they even out sneaked-or is it outsnuck, the WSB for quite a while! If it wasn't for Robert, damn, I miss that guy!!, Port Chuckles would be a popcicle! No, it's in character for Stefan to be obviously sneaky."

"You're starting to sound like me," comes a feminine voice as Lucy saunters in. "How do you like me as a redhead?"

Wearing a wig that would suit little Orphan Annie, she grins. "Do you think that the tigerstriped bodysuit is a little much?"

Luke and Sonny grin appreciatively.

"Grrrrrrrr," Luke answers. "So when is the Doc joining you?"

Lucy had revealed his whereabouts to Luke and Sonny earlier. "Shortly," she tells them. "We're going to...."

And the phone rings. Sonny takes it. "Luke's. Sorry, but Luke can't come to the phone .... Frisco? Okay, he's what?? Uh, that'll be easier said than done. Got it."

Hanging up the phone, Sonny turns to Lucy, "Uh, Lucy, Kevin has disappeared. They aren't sure what happened, but he trashed the place and vanished. There was a message on the answering machine about Lucy's death, and they think he heard it and split."

"I gotta find him," Lucy says. "I've gotta find him!" Hmmmmmm

"Lucy?" Bobbie asks in disbelief. She shakes her head as Amy reveals that sad tale. "Her body is downstairs," Amy supplies. "I can't believe all that has happened lately. It's as if...this whole place is changing."

"Guess I'm lucky to have survived it," Bobbie muses. "You know, I didn't like Lucy, though I have to confess to a sneaking admiration for her survival skills-that is until now. She loved Alan, and she even loved Tony, in her own warped way. And, surprisingly, they have a strange affection for her even to this day. Oh, they know her for what she is...was, but, after having hurricane Lucy go through their lives, they both seem to consider themselves stronger for her having survived."

Amy nods, "I know what you mean. She was just a little off, but I think she had a good heart-think of the money she raised at the Nurses' Ball." Amy sniffs, surprised at the tears that have found their way to her eyes. "I guess I'll miss her."

Bobbie dabs at her own eyes. "Funny, isn't it? Once I'd have given anything to be behind the wheel to the car that hit her-she seduced Jake, you know. Even got pregnant with his baby when I couldn't give him a child. God, I hated her for that!! But, she's done a lot of good, and now, she's gone, and I'll miss her, too." Hmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Why did Stefan make a point of meeting Jax in Luke's?? What will Lucy do if Sonny's and Stefan's men can't find Kevin quickly?? Amy and Bobbie actually mourning Lucy??? Hmmmmmmm