Chapter Fifty-Six

Brenda is crying as she hangs up the telephone. She'd just called the offices of Jax Cosmetics looking for Lucy only to get the tragic news of Lucy's death. Near hysterics, Brenda tries to reach Jax who isn't answering the phone, or his pager. Frantic, Brenda tells her traveling secretary to cancel the rest of the tour and book them a flight back to Port Charles, ASAP. Hmmmmm

Scotty Baldwin stands next to Laura's bedside, watching her restless sleep. He has just received the news about Lucy, and frankly, he's had all he can take. Dashing the tears away from his cheeks, he says, "I've had enough, Laura. There's something going on here, and Lucy was caught in the middle of it. She was murdered, Laura, plain and simple. Port Charles is going down the tubes, and it's time we did something about it instead of running away."

Laura whimpers slightly in her sleep, and Scotty continues.

"Yeah, Laura, we both ran away. It's how we deal with things. Oh, we say that we're doing it to protect someone, or ourselves, but it's all the same. We ran when the going got tough. I ran to protect Serena, or so I said, but I could have come back. I could have stayed and hired help here. Money was no problem. But, no, I left and left Lucy behind where she fell into the hands of that wacko shrink. I loved her, you know-oh, I loved Dominique in a special, different way-but she was sort of like-like that silky stuff nightgowns are made of. Soft and pretty, but not durable.

"Lucy-now she was strong. Tough, like denim. No, like silk. Parachute silk. You could depend on her and she'd be there for you. It's funny, but I always knew I'd come back to her and now, it's too late. I missed my chance, and it's my own damned fault. But, it's not too late for you, Laura. What happened, happened. Life's a bitch, and nobody ever said that anything was fair, but that's the way it is. That SOB you married can't change the past, and I'll always think he's a jerk, but he loves you and he'd put it all on the line for you.

"And that other guy, that Cassadine-he'd move heaven and earth-or at least buy them for you-but, to hell with both of them. Your sons are old enough to understand, but there's a little girl, Lesley Lu-I've seen her, Laura, and she's a real cutie. She needs you to get strong and come back. She needs her Momma. Where's your backbone, Laura?? You gonna stay hidden inside yourself and leave Lesley Lu for the sharks of this world?? They'd eat her up in one bite. Luke can't protect her like you can. Cassadine can't, either. Lesley needs her Momma and I know that you love her. Damnit, Laura!! The past is past. We'll deal with it somehow, but you're needed now!" Hmmmmm

Helena smiles, and as the camera zooms in on her, we see the sort of look guaranteed to give the bravest soul nightmares. "It's working," she says to Faison who is sitting with the older woman. There are no others in the room. "Far better than even I dreamed."

The Dutchman puffs cigar smoke into the air which is instantly drawn into an air filter. "It is, indeed," he observes. "Such a gathering of our enemies I haven't seen in quite some time."

"It's almost too easy," Helena says. "Even Victor and Tony, those fools, have given us their full cooperation, making our jobs easier."

Faison smiles. "Having Tracy Quartermaine dispose of Lucy Coe was an excellent move. Not only does it rid us of her potentially dangerous knowledge, but it facilitates Ryan Chamberlain's return to society."

"A pity, really," Helena muses. "Her psychic abilities might have been beneficial to us."

"I disagree," Faison says. "I refuse to live my life according to anybody's 'psychic visions.'"

Helena nods, thoughtfully. "I would too, if I thought that my plans had any chance of failure."

Faison eyes her warily, wondering if she's trying to tell him something. "Our plans won't fail," Helena tells him. "At the very least, our enemies will be destroyed, and the plans delayed-but, ultimately, we'll succeed." Hmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Brenda's return to Port Charles cause Jax problems?? Will Jax have to confess all, including his WSB activities?? Will Scotty's version of 'Tough Love' work on Laura?? Will his appeal to her maternal feelings overcome the pain in her heart?? What is it between Helena and Faison?? Are they plotting even more diabolically clever moves??? Hmmmmmmm