Chapter Fifty-Seven

Kevin has calmed down, and while the pain of losing Lucy, and the resulting anger still burns in his soul, he has begun to think clearly, coldly, analytically. "It all has something to do with the hospital--General Hospital," he tells TC and Maverick who are each eating a hamburger down in the catacombs which is the cheapest shelter he's dared take for the night.

"So far, everybody who has been killed, almost killed, or is suspected of killing is staff, or staff connected."

Kevin takes a bite of his hamburger and a drink of the coffee he purchased with the money he'd filched from Felicia's apartment.

"Now, Tom and Kat were taken to GH where, I believe, they were actually murdered." He munches thoughtfully and explains. "See, somebody tried to kill them, and when that failed, finished the job at GH. They had both started to improve, when suddenly, they both died, within minutes of each other, no less, and the autopsy showed only that they died of smoke inhalation. That means that somebody at GH is an insider, and therefore, we have at least two people involved. The pathologist, and perhaps whoever administered whatever killed them. Unless the pathologist did it, in which case, we have one killer. Or, unless the pathologist is just an incompetent boob, which blows this theory all to hell.

"But, GH doesn't hire incompetent boobs. Nutcases, yes. Serial killers, yes. But, never incompetent boobs."


"You had yours already, and I want all my french fries," Kevin tells Maverick who is whimpering, begging shamelessly. "So, assuming that this person killed Tom and Kat, or covered for whoever did, then we have one or more murderers, and presumably the killer is staff. It makes sense--but, we still have to go back farther. Gina went first, unless Steve's death can be attributed to this killer-or to Tom, who we know had a few screws loose." Kevin shudders. "The things he told me about his time in Africa!! Anyway, Gina was killed-and all we know about her is that she and I didn't hit it off too well, that she was Stone's sister, and that she was a computer expert."

His eyes light up, and he continues. "You know, it was long about the time she arrived in PC that somebody started playing more computer games with Felicia. And, she did have access to my computer, and it was my computer that helped implicate me..." He chews a little longer. "I wonder......" Hmmmm

"Working with a Cassadine is strange," Robert comments to Stefan as he joins Jax and Stefan in the library. "Your family almost got the best of us a few years ago."

"Fortunately, they did not," Stefan tells him. "Pity I was unavailable to assist you then. But, if it puts your mind at ease, I just told Jax that I am not a blood Cassadine, that my natural father was, I believe, an Aussie. Helena referred to him alternately as 'That damned Aussie', and 'My darling Jamie." He shakes his head. "So far as I know, she killed him just before I was born."

"Sweet lady," Robert observes as Stefan fills him in on the story he'd just related to Jax about Helena's motivations. "You don't really buy this rot about immortality, do you? Nobody lives forever."

"There are different kinds of immortality," Stefan points out. Hmmmmm

"I really don't need them," Ryan tells himself as he, disguised as an elderly man, limps into the boarding house across town. He smiles at a child, and leans down to pet her dog which growls at him. "Must smell my sister's cat," he explains to the child.

For a moment, Ryan looks at the little girl, her curly dark hair and wide blue eyes the very picture of innocence. He finds himself wondering if he ever had that same wide-eyed look to him. "Was I ever innocent?" he asks aloud after he's closed the door to the hovel he rents by the week. He leans back against the fluffy pillow, his addition to the sagging bed, and begins a soliloquy. "I don't remember when the abuse began. I don't remember when it didn't happen. I just remember knowing-I don't know how I knew, but I did know that it wasn't right. But, good little boys do what their mothers tell them to do, and I was a good little boy. Damn, I was good!

"But, I wouldn't let her touch Kevin-he was the part of me that had to stay good, protected against whatever it was. It was the only thing I didn't share with him-and I couldn't. But, he found out, and told our father-and he took Kevin away. It was their fault-Kevin told him, and then they both left! They left me with her..." he says in a tone of revulsion. "And it got worse."

His eyes take on a dreamy, faraway look. "Much worse. I can't remember much about it now-I've learned to block out the hurtful things. And the bad things. Yeah, the things I did that I know I shouldn't have done. But, I can call them back when I want to savor them-like when I killed her. Sometimes, I need to do it again-to punish her and women like her, women who are too demanding sexually." He smiles. "But I don't give it to them-they can't have that-not from me. So, I kill them, and it feels so good!!!! And, not one of them will ever hurt a little boy again. Ever."

Ryan thinks of Helena, and her evil plans, and silently makes a vow to rid the world of this one hideously evil woman. He closes his eyes and a tear escapes his eyes as he drifts off to sleep, dreaming of the innocence denied to him from birth. Hmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Will Kevin manage to unravel the clues that will lead him to the killers of his beloved Lucy?? How many kinds of immortality are there?? Will we ever completely understand Ryan? Hmmmmmmm