Chapter Fifty-Nine

"Have you seen Reggie?" Lila asks Edward as she wheels into the study. Concern is etched on her face, and she continues, "I haven't seen him since last night, and he promised that he'd be in early this morning."

Edward shakes his head. "No, my dear. Now that you mention it, I haven't seen him, either. I thought he might have taken the day off."

"He's not in his room, and I'm worried," she says, her voice lowering. "You know what he and I have been doing."

"I do, and I must confess that I'm not terribly happy about it. But, I understand, and I'm also proud of you." Edward glances around to make sure that they aren't being watched or eavesdropped on by any other people. "You think that Reggie is in trouble?"

"He must be," Lila says, "else he'd have been here already."

"Who do you want to call?" Edward asks. "Mac? Frisco?"

"Frisco," Lila says. "I need to speak with Frisco." Hmmmmmm

"What do you mean they're gone?" Frisco demands of Felicia who is babbling nearly hysterically about her mother and daughters being missing. "You said that they were in Texas."

"Were," Felicia shouts. "I just got a message from Juan Gonzales-Grandmother's foreman, and he said that they went shopping last night and never came back. They're gone, Frisco! Our daughters and my grandmother are gone!" Hmmmmm

Jax lets himself into his suite at the penthouse, where he sees Brenda's coat draped across the couch. Her purse is carelessly flung on the desk. A smile breaks his face and he calls, "Brenda? Brenda, I'm home! Brenda?"

But, she doesn't answer, and instinctively, Jax checks her purse. Drivers license, credit cards, money, makeup-all there.

"Brenda!!!" he shouts, suddenly concerned.

Then, looking down, he sees one of the pearl earrings he'd given her on the floor. His blood chilled, he picks it up, and we see a look that we've never seen on his face before. Pulling out his cellular phone, he rings Stephan. "I think they have Brenda," he says, his words clipped and cold. "Those bastards have my wife." Hmmmmmm

"What do you mean she's not on campus?" asks Mac as he speaks into the receiver of the telephone.

Robin's roommate answers, "I'm sorry, Mr. Scorpio. I called her guidance counselor this morning, and asked around, but nobody has seen her since last night. I thought you should know."

Anxiety written on his face, Mac quickly dials Jason, who is at Sonny's. "Jason? Mac Scorpio here. Look, I know that you and Robin have had a falling out, but have you heard from her since last night?"

Jason, who has been feeling like every sort of a jerk, not to mention miserable, answers, "No, Mac, I haven't. Why?"

"She's missing," Mac tells him.

Jason's blood runs cold, and he asks, "Do you think it has anything to do with this murder investigation?" He remembers Robin telling him that he had to cooperate to make sure that the killer didn't take more young women. "Tell me that she's all right," he says, an overriding need to hold her ripping through him.

"I can't," Mac says, angrily. "Damnit, Jason, see what you can find out!!" Hmmmmm

Luke walks into the his apartment above his club, where he and Lucky have been hanging out. Hardly a home, and not the sort of place he thought Lucky should grow up in, but since they'd reached a semi-truce, Lucky had been there for him. It wasn't quite what they'd had before, but it was, in some ways, better. No more pretending with Lucky. Lucky had seen him, warts and all, and still called him Dad. Luke thought of Laura, in the hospital, and sighed deeply. There was an ache inside him that wouldn't go away, a void that was Laura-shaped.

"Hell," he mutters. "She's the closest thing I'll ever have to a soul. Lucky? Lucky?"

But, the room is silent. Too silent. He glances around, wondering where his son has gotten to, when he spies the laptop computer.

A feeling of foreboding sinking over him, he picks it up and opens it. Seconds later, he's accessed Lucky's files, and is astonished at what he sees. He smiles at the thought of Lucky learning all about the Cassadines and their holdings, along with an assortment of other facts, until he realizes that Foster is very quiet. Too quiet.

The big dog is laying silently across the room. Quickly, Luke calls, "Foster?" But, the dog is quiet. Nervously, Luke puts down the computer, and heads over to the dog. Kneeling, he touches the dog, who is sleeping deeply. Too deeply. Then, Luke understands. The dog is drugged, and his young master is gone.

Quickly, Luke heads back down the stairs to the club where Sonny has been chatting with Mike.

"He's gone," Luke shouts. "They've taken Lucky!" Hmmmm

"Grandmother?" says Nikolas, who has received an urgent summons from Helena. He'd gone willingly with her driver, surprised to see him in Port Charles. "Is something wrong?"

Helena smiles at her grandson, the child she sees as her legacy. "No, Nikolas. Nothing is wrong. In fact, everything is about to be all right for the first time in a very long time." Hmmmmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! As our heroes and heroines find their children and loved ones missing, what will they do? Do they know who has taken them, and for what dastardly purpose?? Is the next generation of Port Charles residents in serious trouble?? What about Nikolas?? What does Helena want with him?? Hmmmmmmm