Chapter Sixty

"This time I kill them," Luke vows vehemently as he runs his fingers though his already disarranged hair. "Once I have my son..."

"And Robin," comes a voice from the door. Mike, Luke and Sonny look towards Jason who has just entered Luke's. "Robin is missing." He pauses, and then heads to the phone where he dials the Quartermaine residence.

"Reggie?" answers Edward who is hoping that the butler will call.

"No, Grandfather," Jason answers, and we are struck by the use of the title. "It's me-Jason. Grandfather, Robin is missing. I'll need any help that the family can give."

"Robin Scorpio? Jason, this is odd. Reggie is missing, too."

Moments later, Jason is talking with Sonny and the others, his eyes strangely clear, as if seeing for the first time. "Something is up," he explains. "Something big." Hmmmm

Jean-Pierre is with Frisco at the Outback when Jax storms in. "No more Mr. Nice Guy," he snaps as he pulls the door closed against the cold. "Place clean?" He notes the thunderous looks, as Frisco nods.

"No bugs."

Felicia, still surprised to learn that the Frenchman is WSB and that Lucy is alive and well, is beside herself with worry.

Jax is to the point. "Brenda's gone."

"So are our girls, Maria-Felicia's grandmother, and seems Reggie is missing," Frisco says, as he carefully inspects his gun.

"If you're out for blood, you'll have to stand in line," Jean Pierre tells him. "A pity that we can kill them no more than once, but we can make them suffer."

"My pleasure," Jax affirms. "You know what this means-we've been made. It's a message."

Frisco is on the cellular phone, trying to reach his boss. Finally, he gets an answer. "We've got problems," he announces. "This is a multiple hostage situation, and I think that this is about to get worse in a hurry."

Felicia's blue eyes are stormy, her expression determined, and she says, "I don't care who is behind this, they're going down. Hard!" Hmmmmmm

Down in the catacombs, Kevin is awakening from a dream of Lucy. She's been calling his name, kissing him, and he awakens to find Maverick licking him, whining anxiously.

"Do you mind?" Kevin mutters, brushing the small dog aside, the painful memory of Lucy fresh in his mind. Sitting up, he groans, "Ah, Lucy, it wasn't supposed to turn out like this. We were going to get married-big church wedding with all the trimmings." He chokes. "You didn't even have a decent funeral. I didn't get to say goodbye."

"Because I'm not dead," comes a familiar voice emanating from a red-haired figure in the most outrageously tacky coat. "Doc, I'm going to hold you to that wedding," she whispers through her tears as she falls into the arms of a cheesy-looking white-haired tramp.

Maverick launches himself into her arms, struggling to get between them, but suddenly, he pauses. "Woof?"

Freezing, Lucy motions to Kevin to follow her into a shadowed alcove, where they hold the animals.

"Shhhhh," she whispers. "Someone's coming." Hmmmmmmm

"So what is this all about?" Nikolas asks Helena who has brought his great uncles, Tony and Victor into the room. Nik has never been here before, and the limousine windows had been screened against viewing. Not that it would have made a lot of difference, he thinks, as it had gone dark a couple of hours ago. He's seen his grandmother's face, and he had the uneasy feeling that her expression boded ill for someone. "I'd like to know what's going on."

"And so you shall," she says, a wide smile on her thin lips. "It's about the past, the present and the future. Today we right old wrongs, settle some debts, and forge our future together."

"Where is Uncle Stefan?"

"He'll be here," she answers, enigmatically. "He'll come in spite of his desire to defy me, and he'll see once and for all the mistakes he's made." She turns cold dark eyes on her grandson, and says, "Nikolas, today you take your place as head of the family. Today you'll feel the full weight of your responsibility, as well as the power that few others will ever know. Today, you become The Cassadine in every sense of the word." Hmmmmmm

Stay tuned!! Exposed!! Without their covers, how will our heroes and heroines manage to rescue their friends and family. Has Helena finally gone too far?? Will Lucy and Kevin manage to elude whoever has entered the catacombs?? Just what the heck does Helena mean by all that drivel about being The Cassadine?? Hmmmmmmmm