Special Note To Readers: Regular GH characters join the tale in chapter six--and continue throughout the story and into the sequel. The new characters that are introduced are necessary to the plot. Thanks!

The story opens with the return of Jared Andrews to the family homestead, The Andrews Winery, outside San Francisco, California, far from Port Charles, New York, though soon to become intimately involved with it. After all, crime knows no boundaries....

Jared needs some peace and quiet after his last very stressful assignment which had resulted in the death of an innocent bystander. He is contemplating leaving WEB, the World Espionage Bureau, where he has worked for the past 20 years, fighting crime in all its many forms. What better place to make up his mind than with his family and friends? He hopes that working outdoors will help soothe his weary mind, but he soon discovers all is not what it seems.

Jared is having trouble sleeping nights, his dreams being haunted by visions of the young woman, Angela, who had been caught in the crossfire. He works days in the vineyards, avoiding the office, trying to do enough physical labor to exhaust himself so as to sleep soundly. It doesn't work. But, nightly, there is something that comes a little closer to being revealed, if only he wouldn't wake up in horror before finishing the dream. He's told his boss, Marty Robins, that it's time to quit, that he's lost his edge. The memory of seeing the young woman falling, her white dress covered with blood and hearing someone cry, "She's dead, you murderer!!!" is slowly driving him out of his mind. Time to get back to the land, to heal……

Written by Marty in collaboration with Suzi.
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